Town 'n' Country Limousine


2900 Bayport Dr, Tampa, FL 33607

(813) 207-6815

Oystercatchers is a really beloved restaurant that is located out here in the Town 'n' Country area of Tampa Bay, serving our Tampa Limousine groups with the greatest ease. They have an amazing raw bar with oysters, shrimp, and marinated mussels that are just the highest quality and irresistibly good. The pasta bar is highly recommended too, with our favorite thing there being the sensational tortellini. The omelet bar is amazing if you're a breakfast lover, and you can load up the highest quality ingredients there. Absolutely highly recommended!

KUCHI Sushi & Hibachi

9206 Anderson Rd, Tampa, FL 33634

(813) 889-7733

KUCHI Sushi & Hibachi has never let us down on our personal visits, and for our Tampa Limousine travelers in the Town 'n' Country area, this is really an ideal stop. This is the perfect hybrid blend of a hibachi restaurant and a sushi bar, with the entertainment of that teppanyaki style cooking and the fresh and tantalizing flavor of the very best sushi and sashimi in town. The painted lady roll is a real highlight here and we can't say enough good things about the ninja roll either! The sushi and sashimi combo known as the Love Boat is just too good!

Rusty Pelican

2425 Rocky Point Dr, Tampa, FL 33607

(813) 281-1943

Rusty Pelican is the greatest when it comes to fresh and delicious seafood in the Town 'n' Country area. Tampa Limousine customers know this and they aren't afraid to rely on it when they're traveling around here with us. They've got plenty of space for your big events and celebrations, and a gorgeous view of the water as well as the perfection of a Town 'n' Country sunset. The bar area is especially enjoyable and they've got cozy tables there too. The mozzarella tomato stack is one of our favorite ways to kick things off here! Too good!

Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay

2900 Bayport Dr, Tampa, FL 33607

(813) 874-1234

Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay is an iconic hotel in the Town 'n' Country area and it's one that we'd highly recommend that you stay at if you have the chance to when you're out here with Tampa Limousine. Whether you're staying or not, there's a restaurant as well as a bar where you can enjoy some truly mouth watering cuisine and good stiff drinks. The prices are a bit on the high end, but that's to be expected at a hotel of this caliber. The service is truly out of this world, the kind of classy experience that is all too hard to find nowadays.

Bilmar Station

8501 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33615

(813) 867-0426

Bilmar Station is a traditional American sports bar that has virtually everything you need for a great time in Town 'n' Country, and the best part is that there is zero pretense here, and some of the lowest prices in town too. They have delicious bar fare for you to nosh onhere, including some of the best wings and burgers that we've ever sunk teeth into. There's a lot to keep you busy too, including foosball, darts, a nice juke box, video games, and even karaoke on Wednesday nights! The perfect time to come in and show off those vocal chops!

Bahama Breeze

3045 N Rocky Pt Dr E, Tampa, FL 33607

(813) 289-7922

Bahama Breeze may be a chain restaurant, but they deliver such a unique Caribbean-themed experience that we do not mind that corporate background one bit. The Tampa Limousine customers who pass through the Town 'n' Country area choose this as a dining destination quite a bit. The seasonal specialties are always worth checking out here, and the classics like the coconut shrimp and the jicama fries are always a good thing to order. They handle large groups with ease here. Some of the best island vibe cocktails around too!