Valet Parking

There is truly nothing like elegance and luxury in connection with anything and everything in life. But when it comes to your wedding, why not up the ante and bring in a professional valet service to make all of your guests feel like absolute royalty. Talk about creating a unique feel and tone. Could you have your guests park their own cars? Sure, but valet service just makes everything that much moire special. Your guests will love it when they roll into the parking lot and find professionals waiting to open the door for them and then to drive their car to the parking area. And think about the peace of mind your guests will have as well with the knowledge that their vehicles will safely parked in a designated spot. A professional valet service also knows how to park all of the vehicles in the most economical and efficient way. So, in order to follow the path of luxury, you need to start researching professional parking companies in the Tampa area. Once you find out about a few companies that you might be interested in, you can then start the interview process. And we would like to help with that as much as possible so here is a brief guide to keep handy.

So, you need some valet parking candidates. Well, ask your immediate circle of friends, family and coworkers if they have ever experienced exceptional valet parking anywhere and if they have, try and track down the name of the company and start a list of potential companies to check into for your wedding needs. You can also ask your wedding vendors if they know of any valet services that would be worth checking out. And how could we forget about the world wide web. Do a Google search for “valet parking services in the Tampa area.” You will see a number of results that you should click on and check out. It should not take long to figure out which companies appear reputable and professional and which ones are worth a further look. Keep adding to your list any quality candidates you come up with and when you are finished, get ready to contact each provider and setup an interview.

Once you are in front of a candidate, start by asking them if they are fully licensed and insured. This is for your protection and it is the way that a professional operation conducts business. So, make sure of it. Make sure that you know the number of guests that will be coming to your wedding. Most valet services base their fees and the number of attendants on the number of guests that will be coming. For instance, some valets services figure that 1 attendant per 50 guests is the perfect amount. If you feel like you want more than what they tell you, ask how much it would cost to have additional valets on site.

If you have one, make sure that you bring a picture of the parking area so that the service gets a sense of what it is going to take to organize all of the cars. You also want to talk to each candidate about how they plan for inclement weather. What if it rains? Will the valets have umbrellas? What if your wedding is in the winter and there is snow and ice? Will the attendants have scrapers, salt and shovels to maintain everyone's safety? Finally, find out the bottom line in terms of cost. Once you are through with all of your interviews, you should be able to pick the valet service you feel the most confidence in.