Photo Booths

Alright, it is time to add some real fun to your wedding day. Have you considered a photo booth for your reception? This is just the kind of feature that your wedding needs and in fact demands. You know how much fun people have with photo booths, think about what a blast one would be if available all night long at your reception. Groups could come and go as many times as they pleased and create different groupings. And this would also provide a neat keepsake from your special day that they can take home. Your wedding is already going to be amazing, why not go all out with something like a photo booth. All you need to do is to start looking around the Tampa area to see what companies provide this kind of device and service. Then you will want ask each potential provider that you are considering a few vital questions that will in the end lead you to who you will want to provide this fun experience for your guests.

So, you are probably wondering, where is the best place to look for potential providers of photo booths? There are actually a few different places that you can look. One potential source are your wedding vendors. If they have any experience with weddings at all and when it comes to an item that might appear at a wedding, they are usually pretty well connected and should know a few candidates that can provide that service. Or what about the world wide web? You can always do a Google search for “photo booths in the Tampa area.” This avenue should give you a chance to look at individual websites of photo booth providers. Take note of any quality candidates that you see when you are perusing the websites. We also strongly urge you to ask your family, friends and coworkers about any photo booth experiences they may have had at a wedding or any event for that matter. Once you have gathered a few candidates together, you will need to contact each one and meet with them to talk about the possibilities.

When you arrive at each company that you have on your list, ask them if you can see the photo booth. This is essential, you want a chance to be able to experience the booth before it arrives at your wedding. Don't just rely on a picture on their website. If the company tells you seeing it in person is not possible, we recommend that you walk away because there must be a reason they do not want you to see it. You also should ask to see it operate. Have a talk about pricing. What is included in the price? Do they offer packages?

What options are available? Do they offer different backdrops? Will they provide an attendant that will be present for your entire reception? You should insist on this. Find out what kind of printer the booth uses. You need to make sure that it is a dye-sublimation printer. The quality will astound you. Will they handle all of the delivery, setup and tear-down? When you find the provider that meets all of your needs and that fits into your budget, it is time to put down a deposit to reserve their services and have both parties sign a contract.