One of the funny things about planning a wedding is that you get introduced to a lot of areas that you have probably never had anything to do with in the past. A great example of this is calligraphy. There is a great chance that you know next to nothing about calligraphy. But, because you are considering hiring a calligrapher to make out your wedding invitations, you are forced to find out as much as you possibly can in a short amount of time. Well, it won't take you long in your research to know that trying to do your own calligraphy is a huge no no. If you are looking to make a splash and you really want something special to send the guest you are inviting, you need to find a true professional. Calligraphy is a true art form. So, with that in mind, your first task is to start searching throughout the Tampa area to find some high quality professional calligraphers. These folks will be your candidates that you will then want to meet and interview for your opportunity. To give you some help, we have provided you with this brief guide that will help you with each interview and with your eventual hire.

The first thing that you need to do is to find some quality calligraphers in the Tampa area that you consider worthy of possibly making out your wedding invitations and envelopes. One of the best ways to do that is to ask your family, friends and coworkers if they have ever hired a calligrapher for any purpose. If they have received services from a quality professional, jot down the name of the calligrapher. You could also do a Google search for “calligraphers in the Tampa area.” This route will probably give you the most results and you will have to parse through a number of websites to determine who looks like they are a quality professional and who is not. Those that seem like they are worth further investigation add to your list. We also recommend that you ask your wedding vendors that you have already booked, they can be a wealth of information. By the time you are through exhausting these three sources, you should have a list of at least 3 to 5 candidates to check out.

Call or email each candidate and setup a meeting to discuss your invitation needs. You do not want to hire a newbie or someone with limited experience so one of your first questions should delve into how long they have been doing calligraphy and how they learned the craft. Are they a member of any professional associations or do they have any certifications? How much will their services cost you? Part of figuring the cost out will be how many invitations need to be made out and how complex each invitation is going to be.

It would be a great thing to find out the turnaround time. Some calligraphers can have your invitations and envelopes back to you in two weeks but it may depend of how many other clients they have lined up before you. Do they provide other services like stamping, sealing, and stuffing envelopes? If they do, we highly recommend that you avail yourself of these services as well. When you find the candidate that you like the best, ask them for a contract and make sure that both parties sign it.