Sulphur Springs Limousine

Mermaid Tavern

6719 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33604

(813) 238-5618

Mermaid Tavern is a sensational wine bar and pub that is very conveniently located for our fun-loving Tampa Limousine partygoers in the Sulphur Springs area. We're just crazy about this place, which is more bar than restaurant, and yet the food is simply fantastic. They've got a huge menu board with delicious drinks listed on it, and such a wide array of delicious pub and bar fare. The truffle fries are a top choice here and of course the burgers are absolutely top notch. Love the hipster/trendy vibe that weaves itself through the establishment!

Ella's Americana Folk Art Cafe

5119 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33603

(813) 234-1000

If you're looking for an even more eclectic atmosphere in which to spend your time with your Tampa Limousine group in Sulphur Springs, then you'll want to point your professional chauffeur straight to Ella's Americana Folk Art Cafe. This place is just packed with kitschy items that will make you ooh and ahh, but what it really boils down to is an incredible array of food to choose from, not to mention mouth watering drinks. They have some of the best slushies that we've ever tasted, and we love that they have Cigar City Beer here!

The Refinery

5137 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33603

(813) 237-2000

The Refinery is a refreshing one out here in the Sulphur Springs area, really a great choice if you've got something casual and fun to celebrate with your Tampa Limousine group. The service is fast and friendly and the ambiance is just so cool and relaxed. We love the unique pint glasses that they serve their drinks in, and their 40 proof sake Mary is something that you've simply got to try! They change the menu weekly, so we won't bother to recommend any favorites! Just trust us when we say that you'll be pleased with whatever you order!

Rooster & The Till

6500 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33604

(813) 374-8940

Rooster & The Till is a great one if you love a green type of environment, in the sense that they have repurposed and recycled a lot of the decor here, including the bar lighting and the wooden accents on the walls. Their specialty is small plates and tapas style dishes, and we've been more than pleased with everything that they have listed on the menu. The pork belly is simply awe-inspiring and the salmon sashimi at the raw bar is just superb. Talk about amazingly fresh! And how about those charcuterie plates? We love this place!

Gino's Bar & Restaurant

10006 N Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33612

(813) 933-1089

Gino's Bar & Restaurant is an impressive old school Italian restaurant that you'll certainly want to visit when you're out and about with Tampa Limousine in Sulphur Springs. It reminds us a whole lot of Cheers, and you know that's always a good thing when you're looking for a new bar to check out. That old familiar feeling in a brand new space. They have a huge array of yummy pastas to choose from and even delicious pizza. You'll be bowled over by the sweet and charming staff who are sure to make you feel right at home with your limo group!

The Front Porch Bar & Grill

5924 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33604

(813) 237-5511

The Front Porch Bar & Grill is just as cozy and inviting as the name suggests. Their specialties are sandwiches, seafood, and all things in traditional American fare, and boy do they ever get it right on all counts! The dishes are very creative and unusual here, so if you want something a little different for a change, this is a great option for you. They don't have a huge draft selection here but it is very well chosen. Delicious desserts that will have you singing their praises for days! One of the nicest groups of waitstaff that we've ever met. Top notch!