Ruskin Limousine

Sunset Grill

611 Destiny Dr, Ruskin, FL 33570

(813) 645-7739

Sunset Grill has always been a Ruskin favorite for our Tampa Limousine travelers! We think it has a lot to do with that retro cool tiki bar that serves both the indoor and outdoor patrons. There's nothing like relaxing at sunset at that outdoor bar... you'll feel like you've escaped to Hawaii or some other island beach with all your good friends. The fish tacos are just amazeballs here and we can't say enough good things about their lobster roll sandwiches! They cost just under fifteen bucks but they are worth every single dime. Absolutely delectable!

Beanie's Bar & Sports Grill

2002 S US Hwy 41, Ruskin, FL 33570

(813) 649-1700

Beanie's Bar & Sports Grill is a tiny, cozy American bar located out on South US Hwy 41, really ideally located for our Tampa Limousine travelers in the Ruskin area. You won't find a cooler or more relaxed dive bar experience than this one. The food is definitely much better than what you find at a typical bar, and you'll love noshing while you watch the big game on TV and chat it up with your party bus friends. The loaded chips are the most addictive thing on the menu and they are highly recommended! Great Reuben sandwiches too!

The Hot Tomato

2702 E College Ave, Ruskin, FL 33570

(813) 938-1888

The Hot Tomato is a bakery and sandwich shop where you can indulge all your carb cravings in one fell swoop! It's one of the newer restaurants in the area and it's already made a huge splash with all the locals in Ruskin as well as with our Tampa Limousine travelers. If you're really into delicious Cuban sandwiches, you've got to pop in and try one of theirs! Absolutely mouth watering. For dessert, you can check out everything that's lined up in their glass cases, but our top recommendation is the homemade apple pie! Too good!

Hooks Bar & Grill

601-699 Destiny Dr, Ruskin, FL 33570

(813) 938-1152

Hooks Bar & Grill is a cozy spot for you and your Ruskin area Tampa Limousine group to check out, with a sensational outdoor deck by the water, some of the freshest seafood in town, and one of the best beer selections around! The catch of the day is always a superb choice, and we always enjoy their grouper. The potato salad is absolutely chock full of goodness and we can't say enough good things about their homemade tartar sauce! It's not a huge place, so we recommend this one more highly for our small to mid-sized groups.

Los Amigos Restaurant

17 7th Ave NE, Ruskin, FL 33570

(813) 419-4921

Los Amigos Restaurant is a Mexican restaurant conveniently located for our Ruskin area party bus travelers that we think you will really fall in love with. Supremely authentic with a fabulous juice bar to boot, the only real downside to this one is that they don't serve alcohol. The barbacoa with hot sauce is a tantalizing choice that we've never been able to pass up, and the spare rib plate with enchiladas is something that you'll surely be enamored with! Not very late hours here, open just till 8 most nights and 9:30 on the weekends.

Popi's Place V

1010 N US Hwy 41, Ruskin, FL 33570

(813) 649-1315

Popi's Place V is our final recommendation for our Tampa Limousine customers partying in the Ruskin area, and this awesome spot is best known for amazing breakfasts and really good coffee. Now, though this is a famous breakfast spot around here, note that it is a delectable choice all day long. They are open daily from 6am to 8:30pm. The diner atmosphere is just perfect, and we're particularly big fans of their sandwiches and hamburgers. The alcohol selection consists of beer and wine only, but it's perfectly adequate. What a nice place!