Pebble Creek Limousine

Burger 21

20304 Trout Creek Dr, Tampa, FL 33647

(813) 501-4910

Tampa Limousine has recommended Burger 21 time and time again, different locations in different parts of our service area, and this one in the Pebble Creek area is definitely another one worth our recommendation! The burgers are just incredible and they've got a condiment bar that everybody falls in love with. It's not just burgers here either, they have a full selection of sandwiches to fill you up during your lunch hour or even for dinner. The Thai ketchup is something that you'll certainly want to try, either on your burger or on your fries! Mmm!

Oakley's Grille

17631 Bruce B Downs Blvd, Tampa, FL 33647

(813) 523-5075

Oakley's Grille is a comfortable and inviting place to grab a burger, sandwich, or salad when you're out and about with Tampa Limousine in Pebble Creek, FL. Whether you want something savory or something sweet, they've got you covered on both counts! The juicy swiss burger is a sandwich that we have never been able to resist, and when it comes to sweet, the cinnamon sugar sweet potato fries are a delectable dessert-worthy item, with honey dip! The Philly cheesesteak sandwiches are another favorite of ours. No alcohol here though!

Red Robin

28222 Willet Way, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543

(813) 994-7144

Red Robin is another one that we love for hamburgers, fries, and shakes! The difference here is that it's a chain restaurant, but this is one rare instance where we really don't mind that. They take good care of our Tampa Limousine groups and that's all that really matters. The bright decor and enlivening ambiance really put you in the mood to nosh and chat it up with your friends, and checking out all their seasonal specialties is always a blast. Bottomless fries are a major bonus as far as we are concerned! A very high recommendation.

Five Guys Burgers & Fries

6431 E County Line Rd, Tampa, FL 33647

(813) 907-6680

When it comes to a truly juicy and mouth watering burger at a fast food restaurant, you almost think that's impossible to get, right? But no, Five Guys Burgers & Fries is the one and only spot in the fast food category that we think is beyond excellent! Super juicy hamburgers, amazing hot dogs, and all the toppings that you could ever desire. They have one line of free toppings that you can load up as much as you want, and one line of premium toppings that are well worth the extra money! Good stuff. The fries with malt vinegar are just delish!

Cafe Ole

10020 Cross Creek Blvd, Tampa, FL 33647

(813) 907-5242

Cafe Ole is a Spanish tapas bar that is an ideal destination for Tampa Limousine partygoers in Pebble Creek. Dinner is an absolute joy here, and the service is completely out of this world. If you're celebrating something really special, you cannot go wrong with a visit here. The setas con chorizo is Spanish sausage sauteed with mushrooms, garlic, and olive oil, served in a delectable sherry wine sauce. Talk about delectable! Wow. The crema Catalana is a mind blowing dish too, and how about that paella Valenciana! Mmm... Too good!


2001 Piazza Ave, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543

(813) 994-8800

Primebar is a really tantalizing offering out here in the Pebble Creek area for our Tampa Limousine partiers, serving up some truly mouth watering burgers such as the fried egg burger, featuring smoked bacon, a runny egg, and smoked gouda. Truly gourmet flavor at a very affordable price! The beer selection is quite noteworthy and they've got a whole lot of great cocktails for you to enjoy too, like mojitos and caipirinhas. Tuesday is five dollar burger night, making that a great time to come in with your party bus group! A Pebble Creek favorite!