Balm Limousine

Goodson Farms

12405 County Rd 672, Balm, FL 33503

(813) 634-7790

Goodson Farms might not be what you would consider the typical Tampa Limousine destination, at least not for dining, but you'll be surprised! Many of our Balm area customers choose this farmers market for a quick mid-afternoon pick-me-up or for a full lunch via their delicious fresh food stands. The snack bar with their famous strawberry treats and Cuban sandwiches is what keeps people coming back for more. Everything's fresh and amazing here, really a treat for your tired tastebuds. Don't be afraid to give it a try when you're out here with us!

JYL Samurai Sushi

11351 Big Bend Rd, Riverview, FL 33579

(813) 443-5640

JYL Samurai Sushi is an absolutely fantastic choice for your lunch or dinner when your travels with Tampa Limousine bring you to the Balm area. They have a full menu of delicious delights spanning the world of Japanese cuisine, from teriyaki classics to sushi rolls that are creative and inspired. Many have said that this is the best sushi restaurant in the Tampa area, and we'd have a hard time disagreeing with that! The playboy roll is our favorite on the menu, but we are also huge fans of the caterpillar roll and the crunch roll too! Dig in, it's all good!

Buffalo Wild Wings

10607 Big Bend Rd, Riverview, FL 33579

(813) 234-9464

Buffalo Wild Wings is such a popular destination for our Tampa Limousine customers in all areas that it ought to be our sponsor, or maybe we should be theirs! This location in the Balm vicinity is really a great one, with all that room for party bus groups that you expect, superb service, and of course the famous wings that they are known for. We'd suggest that you don't focus only on the wings and actually check out the rest of the menu, as everything is really good! Great trivia nights and UFC fights on television. Fantastic sports bar atmosphere!


10441 Big Bend Rd, Riverview, FL 33579

(813) 864-8006

PDQ is a very cool fast food type of place in the Balm area that is a very smart lunch stop for your Tampa Limousine trip. It's a great way to feed your whole party bus group on the cheap while still enjoying good quality food and pleasant ambiance (or just grab some takeout to enjoy in your Tampa Limousine vehicle!). The sandwiches and the hand-cut fries are our favorites here, and we've heard that the chicken tenders are really delicious too, and definitely a cut above all the other fast food restaurants that offer them. Open til 10 nightly!

Sakura Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar

10722 Big Bend Rd, Riverview, FL 33579

(813) 671-2388

Sakura Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar is another great one in the Japanese/sushi vein, so if that's what you're craving during your Tampa Limousine trip in Balm, then do check this one out. The hibachi is absolutely fantastic, both fun and delicious, adding some entertainment to your meal. As far as the sushi goes, it's so fresh and flavorful, including our favorites, the lava roll and the yum yum roll! The full bar and outdoor seating are major perks here! Note that they close down between lunch and dinner, so call ahead to check the hours!

Asian Yummy House

10697 Big Bend Rd, Riverview, FL 33579

(813) 671-6666

Finally we come to Asian Yummy House, a really nice sit-down restaurant where you can enjoy the flavors of the Orient, from traditional Chinese food to delectable hibachi, from perfectly cooked tempura to enticing sushi rolls. They really have it all here, right down to the incredible service that you deserve. We're always big fans of egg drop soup, but theirs is on a completely different level. The shrimp pad thai is a must-have if you are a seafood and noodle lover. It just doesn't get any more classic than that. A Tampa Limousine fave in Balm!